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4 Jul 2019

China remains the world’s worst polluter but did you know it’s also a leader in renewable energy?

By Christina Zhou - ABC News - 2 July 2019 Shanghai, one of the world's most populous cities, will today enact strict green policies limiting disposable takeaway utensils and hotel room essentials, as it officially rolls out a major recycling overhaul. The ban on the provision of a slew of si...

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3 Jul 2019

The US produced more energy from renewable sources than from coal for the first time ever in April – despite President Trump pledging to ‘bring coal back’

By Danyal Hassain - Daily Mail Australia - 27 June 2019 In April, for the first time ever, the US produced more energy from renewable sources than from coal in a single month.  According to data from the US Energy Information Administration, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, and wind tur...

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2 Jul 2019

Australia’s still building 4 in every 5 new houses to no more than the minimum energy standard

By Trivess Moore, Michael Ambrose & Stephen Berry - The Conversation New housing in Australia must meet minimum energy performance requirements. We wondered how many buildings exceeded the minimum standard. What our analysis found is that four in five new houses are being built to the mi...

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1 Jul 2019

Australia’s first unsubsidised big battery installed in South Australia

By Michael Mazengarb - RenewEconomy - 27 June 2019 Australia’s first unsubsidised big battery has been installed at Lincoln Gap near Port Augusta, in a major milestone for Australia’s clean energy sector and the emergence of cost-effective zero-emissions energy storage. The 10MW/10MWh bat...

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27 Jun 2019

Solar industry beats Qld in red tape battle

Liam Walsh AFR Jun 25, 2019 The solar industry has won a battle against a Queensland law requiring licensed electricians to install panels on large-scale projects, a regulation they said was not about safety but about placating unions. Queensland’s Court of Appeal on Tuesday dismissed ...

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25 Jun 2019

Electricity demand in WA set to fall for first time, AEMO forecasts, as solar power takes over

By Daniel Mercer - ABC News - 23 June 2019 The body that runs the national wholesale electricity market is forecasting demand for electricity from households and businesses in WA will fall for the first time as the extraordinary uptake of solar panels reshapes the power system. In its latest ...

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24 Jun 2019

Cheap wind and solar and “people-powered” revolution to kick out coal

By Giles Parkinson - RenewEconomy - 19 June 2019 The latest analysis from Bloomberg NEF dismisses talk of a new coal-fired power generator in Australia, and says that cheap wind and solar, supported by flexible technologies such as storage, and driven by a “people-powered revolution” in roof...

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21 Jun 2019

Victoria’s coal-fired power plants the least reliable in the country

By Adam Carey - The Sydney Morning Herald - 16 June 2019 Main image: Loy Yang A is the most breakdown-prone power station in the country.CREDIT:SIMON O'DWYER Victoria’s brown coal-fired power stations are the most unreliable in the country, breaking down far more often than power plants i...

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20 Jun 2019

Solar rebates to return on July 1 with first-in best-dressed system

By Michael Fowler - The Age - 18 June 2019 Victoria's solar rebate scheme will be capped to about 3000 homes a month from July 1, in a revamped, first-in best-dressed system. The state government has changed its solar rebate scheme so that it is now similar to buying concert tickets, and will...

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18 Jun 2019

Australia’s largest solar and battery farm opens in Kerang, improves energy security

By Beth Gibson - ABC News - 14 June 2019 PHOTO: The battery stores 100 per cent renewable energy generated from the solar panels. (Supplied: Edify Energy) Australia's largest integrated battery and solar farm was officially opened in Victoria's north on Friday. The 50-megawatt battery sy...

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14 Jun 2019

Electric cars and renewable energy could drive new outback mining boom

By Emilia Terzon - ABC News - 11 June 2019 Main image: PHOTO: Parts needed to make electric cars could be dug up in the NT. (ABC News: Leah MacLennan) Electric cars and wind turbines could be pivotal to fuelling the next outback mining boom, with resource companies and start-ups w...

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13 Jun 2019

NSW quietly cancels 200MW virtual power plant, redirects funds to solar loans

By Michael Mazengarb - RenewEconomy - 11 June 2019 The NSW government has quietly cancelled a $50 million program to establish a 200MW virtual power plant, to cover the costs of an election promise to provide interest-free loans to households for solar and batteries. The now canned Smart Ener...

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